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Email to learn more specifics.  Workshops are designed to meet your organization's needs

Topic Themes:

Trauma informed practices

Cultivating emotional intelligence

Using reflective practice to improve performance

Building protective factors for staff

Cultivating connection with families you serve

Whole brain integration for staff and clients

Self-care and burn-out prevention

Reflective supervision

Values based parenting

Early Childhood Programs

- Seeing through the parents' eyes

- Cultivating connection between           parents and their children

- Utilizing reflective supervision

Personal Growth

- Self awaresness/reflective practice

- Self-care and stress reduction

- Boundaries

- The work "works on you"

Organizational Awesomeness

- Relationship-based work environments

- Promoting protective factors for staff

- Integrating reflective practice 

- Supervision training


Training Development

- Specific to the needs of your program

- Storyline 2 on-line learning

- Handouts, tools, resources


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